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Cloudberry Cannabis Rewards Program

Cloudberry Cannabis opened its doors in September of 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. We are proud of the cannabis products that we provide and there’s nothing more important to us than our happy customers. Our customers are the driving force that has made Cloudberry Cannabis one of the top dispensaries in Anchorage! To show our appreciation, we created our rewards program to give thanks to our most loyal customers that support our business in the Anchorage area.

What is our Rewards Program?

Our rewards are broken into three categories:

  1. Spend $100 Get $10: For every $100 that you spend at Cloudberry Cannabis, we will give you $10 back on your next visit. We both know that you’ll be back soon, so why not get a deal?! Our recurring customers that visit us on a regular basis are the backbone of our business, and we appreciate that!

  2. 10% off for Vets & Seniors: Of course Cloudberry Cannabis wants to support the community, therefore we are offering this discount to anyone that has served in our military to defend our freedom, as well as the seniors that have helped shape our Anchorage community to become what it is today.

  3. 15% for Industry Workers: Of course we are going to take care of our own! If you work in the industry, drop by our dispensary to get 15% off of your purchase. Of course, everyone in the cannabis world plays an integral role in helping facilitate the growth of our Alaskan cannabis industry today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

Cloudberry Cannabis Dispensary in Anchorage, AK

Cloudberry Cannabis is an Alaska Native-owned cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Spenard. With discreet parking, clean and comfortable establishment, diverse top shelf bud selection from Alaskan cultivators available for purchase as well as pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles at reasonable prices - we are proud to serve you!

We know that you want to get the most out of your cannabis shopping experience, so we've got all sorts of options for how much and what type. With deli style service, we can sell by weight or by dollar amount- whichever is more convenient!

We only serve the best buds around and quality is our top priority!

Swing by and check us out for yourself!

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